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Budget for Professional Website Photos

Small business owners wear multiple hats in a day.

Taking photos for their website

can become one more item on a very long list. Offering personalized service as a web designer means helping to eliminate the stress from the process of creating your website. Our photographer, Douglas Simon, works in tandem with Brenda and each client to bring creative, professional quality

websites photos

at a special discounted rate for Brenda's clients.

Video is a great marketing tool. Let a polished, well scripted video present your business to an online audience searching for your products and services.

Staging Photography
Website Photography
Product Photography

Discounted Photographer

for Brenda's Clients

You'll find more portfolios at

Stand Apart from Competitors

People see images faster than they read.
People visit hundreds of websites. How do you make them stay on yours? Use professional photos. Stock photography used to be a great tool until Google released a preference for original photos as it seeks to find ways to determine the most authoritative website within an industry. More importantly you don't want visitors to your website seeing the same image on competitors' sites. Keep it real.

Business photographer

and videographer for your website add polish, unique, original content to your website serving Claremont and beyond.

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