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custom website vs template website

Many of my clients come to me after trying a template website, or do-it-yourself company. The list is long with frustration and disappointment. Gathering the content (writing the page copy and photos) for your website is a big job and most business owners don't have time beyond this task to learn how to work within a template, learn a new language to understand what needs to done to maximize a DIY project.

Do you want to be a web designer?

Template sites from major telecommunication companies sound simple with less involvement from a busy business owner, and do-it-yourself/create-your-own-website companies sound promising. Paying monthly instead of a designer's one time fee sounds like a bargain. Here is a side by side comparison of a

custom website vs a template website.


I hope this helps you decide which is the better solution for your business. Having clarity is a huge advantage.

For your mobile strategy compare responsive vs separate mobile website.

Custom website designs

with personal service and no outsourcing.

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