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Webmaster Services
You want the maximum visibility for your website. In today’s climate, that means being actively involved in driving your site so that your customers can find you. Gone are the days of “create it and leave it” websites that are unchanging. Websites have become the cornerstone of business marketing and I have created a

Webmaster Services

monthly program to monitor, maintain and change elements to fine tune your site to make it a more effective marketing tool. Below, I’ve listed some key components that make up the package.

build and

manage your online reputation

Reputation management is crucial. Reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. are not monitored by you. As a result, customers trust the reviews to be accurate and that equates to added value to your products or services. Yes, you may get negative reviews, but you can address any issue through the directory. Again, that builds customer confidence in you and your company.

To aid you in getting reviews from your customers, I create a review flyer you can attach to invoices. This directs customers to review you through third party sites via social media buttons on your website. For your less computer savvy customers, they can email their review to me and I'll add to your site. Should any negative review be posted I’ll contact you, draft a response; then post on your behalf.

get social
Social Media
Your online presence has a very broad reach and
not every social media platform
is for every business. Meet your clients where they want to engage you. I become an admin on your Facebook and Google+ pages to create a cover and add periodic content.

stay on top of it
Directory Listings
Online directories are small bits of Internet real estate you can leverage to drive customers to your website. Think of them as ads scattered over the Internet and you’re controlling their message. They now allow more content than ever before and many are review oriented which aid in organic search results. Making sure these are populated with
current information
and any changes to your business help avoid confusion related to your brand.

unglamorous, but tried and true
Reciprocal Links Program
Search engine optimization is one of the most important components you can implement to make your website more visible to an expanded audience. Part of your ranking from Google is based on reciprocal linking. Simply put, every link to a website is a vote for that site, which helps boost your Google ranking. There are guidelines to be followed and it must be monitored to check link validity.

SEO Review
Much of your traffic will come from

search engine

results. Keywords are indicators of the most important topics, service or product on each web page. These are words your customers will use to find you. Controlling your keyword strategy can make or break or your site. Google constantly changes the way it analyzes keywords and meta data on a web page. This is not a static set of rules.

A sitemap is a communication map for Google and Bing (you don’t see this file). Within I can prioritize your websites pages, also indicating which pages change and at what frequency which improves your visibility in search results.

"Thank you so much for putting together this newsletter, from drafting it, to updating and double checking the email list and delivering it so promptly. Your attention to detail is very much appreciated." —Kerber Automotive, Upland, CA

Online reputation management

services for small businesses from

Chino Hills,

West Covina, Glendora, Ontario, Claremont and beyond.

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