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photo editing services

? Cell phones are great for convenience, but benefit greatly from photo editing.

Lighting Correction

Take a photo inside with the lights on near a window and "mixed lighting" plays havoc with the image. The lighting inside your house is not the same Kelvin strength as natural exterior light and the two don't co-exist. This can be successfully corrected to a point. Typically there is some overexposure (outside a window) to such a degree there is no data to recover from the digital image.

Lens Distortion

Have you noticed how a square room photographs very distorted? The vertical lines (walls, doorways) are skewed. Small rooms are a challenge. The camera lens is a curved surface, thus the distortion. Wide angle lenses are fabulous to capture small areas, but the distortion is much higher. See examples below of before and after images.

Portrait Polish

Give your corporate photo an enhancement and polish. Brenda approaches portrait polish and retouch to bring out the best in each face—smoothing lines, polishing skin tones subtlely, brightening eyes. Upon request facial lines can be removed, teeth whitened and even "weight loss".

Common Editing Solutions

Tap image, then double tap to enlarge.

lens distortion
lens distortion
cabinet correction
vertical correction
cabinet correction
photo retouch

Photo editing serving

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